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Catalogue Tech

If you don't want to create the iPhone catalogue yourself but rather delegate it to us, don't hesitate to contact us.

To provide an eletronic catalogue for the Filmfest App, three things have to be done:

Step 1: Create the the Download

The Filmfest App wants one monolithic xml plist of a certain structure. As those plists cannot be validated in meaningful ways, I encourage you to

Step 2: Download BadgePlace the download badge

Put the "Download to your iPhone" badge on your festival's website.

Step 3: Link to the Catalogue

The Filmfest App registers itself as responsible handler for certain URLs. So every other iPhone App, most importantly Mobile Safari, delegates such links to it.

This requires the App being installed on the iPhone prior downloading the catalogue. You can either tell your visitors to do so and refer to the homepage or even better directly to the Filmfest App in the App Store. Do not use Apple's "App Store" badge if you didn't sign the according license agreement.

The URL prefix to use is filmfest: — so the complete linked download badge may look somewhat like

<a href="filmfest:"><img src="download.png" alt="Download to your iPhone" /></a>

P.S.: There's a trick to get the App and download with just one touch.