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Pocket your Filmfest.

A pocket guide to your festival is highly desireable for many of your visitors — everybody who owns an iPhone or iPod Touch will love this companion to your print and online catalogue.

Check out the Filmfest App and be inspired by how your festival could look like on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

You'll get an even more faithful audience and improve your brand by being present on the hottest mobile device out there.

Maybe you dismissed the idea because you thought it would require too much time, knowledge, or money. Ordinarily you would need designers with a "mobile mindset" and developers with dedicated iPhone skills.

The Filmfest App can make your path to to the iPhone a lot easier.

Depending on your budget and marketing needs, there are various ways the Filmfest App can help you:

Contact us, we'll find a solution that suits your needs and budget.

P.S.: If you don't have any budget but aren't scared by angle brackets, you can prepare the iPhone catalogue yourself.