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Download IconTo add one more festival all you need to do is visit the filmfest's own website with Mobile Safari and touch the "Download to your iPhone" icon. iPod Touch owners are welcome, too, but that just didn't fit onto the badge.

After a few seconds the entire festival sits right inside your pocket - movie stills are pulled in subsequently and take a bit longer depending on how many movies the festival features and how well the images are prepared for low bandwidth access.

So check out this App and enjoy the movies!

Festival Download

Download movie details and timetable directly from the festival's website:

  • see a countdown while busy adding the new festival,
  • hear an acoustic signal when everything is set up,
  • no festivals limits - pick up as many as you like.
Movie List

Browse movies:

  • sort by screening time or
  • sort by movie title,
  • see the movies' still image to get a visual impression,
  • past screenings greyed out.
Search Movies

Lightning fast search across all downloaded movies, find by

  • movie title,
  • original title,
  • directors or
  • actors, producers and scriptwriters.
Movie Details

Access the festival's cinematic in-depth movie info:

  • a still image,
  • the trailer (without leaving the App) if available on youtube,
  • section,
  • movie title and original title,
  • directors,
  • production countries and year, duration and footage,
  • screening and subtitle languages,
  • synopsis,
  • actors, producers and scriptwriters.

Look up screenings, past screenings greyed out.

Venue Location

Locate the venue:

  • past screenings' venues get a red pin,
  • zoom to the minimal region spanning the venue's and your current location,
  • option to leave the app for google maps to be routed to the venue.

Access related websites online:

  • the festival's movie page,
  • the movie's IMDB page,
  • view either inside the App or launch Mobile Safari.